The constant self worship enshrined in  self pity

Self worship… that’s a thing… it’s kinda like sucking on your own cock… all these profanities aren’t really necessary for my initial topic, if you have been following all my writings there is usually an introductory part that’s not so related to the main point but is slightly related to it… so tonight, the introduction is ‘suck your own cock’, if you didn’t know this is an adult page here is your cue.. not adult in the sense that we are sucking cocks and guzzling on boobies… but adult in that ama say whatever the fuck I want to say and you have the same liberties in the comment section… okay? So what was I going on about? Yeah, the constant self worship enshrined in self pity…

Every one of us as been at this point before haven’t we… that point when it feels like nothing is going rightly… we could literally have a baseball, without a blind fold and be able to get candy out of piñata… and then we fall into this moods when it feels like the world is against us and no matter what we venture into it’s doomed to fail… here is the thing, you aren’t that special… the universe isn’t taking out time to fuck with you… except you are that guy has constant love kisses with lightening… the universe was trying to unalive that guy… anyway, even that guy probably was thor and his penis was his hammer… lol, i know it could be really bad, maybe even looking worse, but at least you can cheer up in the fact that its all part of the human experience, it isn’t particular to you… it’s just your ego telling you you aren’t deserving of the ‘seemingly’ bad situation you presently find yourself… that’s the reason you are pitying yourself, the self worship is in how you convinced yourself you are only deserving of good experiences and not bad ones… so you feel sorry for yourself because it makes you feel good… don’t lie, there is a certain pleasure you get from pitying yourself, since no one would give me pity, I will get that bitch myself… yáll be pleasuring yourselves… sucking on your dicks and clits.. whichever is appropriate… lol, get off that dick and do better.

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