Introduction To The Author: Olabisi

First of all introduction…
That’s a given though , i mean this is the first time we are attempting this dance… you know, the one where i spew out thoughts into words on web pages… at this point i am supposed to have gotten your attention, this is supposed to be the piece where I show my thoughts are worth reading… that i am as smooth with words as James Bond is smooth with the ladies😂… some artistic writer…
That’s not what you get though, you get this first time writer that’s had the first words of olamide’s first of all introduction on replay in his mind since yesterday night… this is all olamide’s fault… his words gave me the fuel to write my first piece… so I guess what i am saying is: “draw inspiration from anything even the most mundane of things and do something new today “ I mean it took lyrics from an artiste i Don’t particularly like for me to take action, all this as I sit on a bench admiring the traffic on the other side of the road… I am not a hobo or something, i am just waiting for the staffbus to come whisk me away to the job I love so much… that’s sarcasm… I don’t like my job too… but I already know I am going to enjoy talking (would be mostly rants) to y’all… my name is Olabisi

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